Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walking out of a plus size store feeling....

Our friend Ron, Rob and I went to Syracuse, NY for a 24 hour adventure.   We went to shop, watch a basketball game and have some good eats.   I have to say I absolutely loved the energy of the city and how passionate  they are about their sports.  Everyone at the mall was wearing Syracuse t-shirts and sweaters to cheer their team on. GO ORANGE!   It was nice to see a sense of community.   Don't get me wrong we have the love of Hockey here in Ottawa, Canada.  But the fans here are bit more scattered some love the Ottawa Senators other love the Montreal Canadian or Toronto Maple Leafs. 

 Basketball is not as big either.  We have a university team who  has won the Nationals numerous times and they have maybe 5000 fans at each game verses the 30 000 plus fans we attended on Sunday. 

I had a blast at the game and even purchased a t-shirt that said "Real women wear orange"  and of course I had to buy a foam finger which was probably a bad idea since I kept on accidentally knocking people with it. 

After the game we ventured  over to a restaurant called Dinosaurs it's known for it's BBQ Ribs and chicken.   I didn't eat much that day a bagel and cream cheese and an apple. So when 9 pm rolled around I was starving!  I have always been adventurous with food so I decided to try Fried Green Tomatoes.   It was delicious.  For my main course  I decided to have a half rack of ribs, coleslaw and fries.  ( I know not the best choice but it was my cheat meal)  Rob was getting the same thing and they had a sweetheart deal for a full rack and four sides with cornbread.  It was cheaper so why not?  When the food arrived my jaw almost hit the table the portions where huge!!! (Remember I work at restaurant, so I know portions)    I have had  Ribs before but everything was double in size from what I am use to.   I wish I would have taken a picture but of course my phone died.  Needless to say we had a great time and I think all three of us floated out there. I pretty much crashed when we got back to the hotel.  

The next day we woke up and did a bit more shopping.  Since I am still plus size with pants I decided to give Lane Bryant a try.  I headed straight to the jeans and this friendly sales women (she was probably a size 12)  came over to tell me the deals of the day.   I am a pear shape so boot fit is the best style for me.  The women saw I was looking at the boot fit slim and said "oh that would be a great fit for you, I was going to suggest the regular boot fit but Girl you have nice legs some women have larger legs so it would be too baggy on you!"   I just smiled and said "thanks"  meanwhile thinking to myself I don't think I have ever been complimented on my legs.  I went to check out some other items and headed to the change room.  I tried the size 18 jeans with a cute top and came out of the change room  to ask another sales lady if the jeans stretched a lot??  Sometimes you have to go down a size.  But she said they didn't  (Side note: I range from a size 16 to 18.  At my heaviest I was a size 24)  Then the first lady I had spoken to said "Girl you look great in those jeans.  You are so tiny!"   She made me feel like a million bucks.  I usually walk out of a plus size store feeling like a fat slob.   I don't know if she was being honest or just trying to sell clothes but either way I wish there were more women out there who made you feel that way. 

Thanks for reading!  

Photo: 24 hours Syracuse trip was a success!  #syracuse #foamfinger #basketball #goorange

Tomorrow is weigh in day hopefully the Ribs don't tip the scale!  





  1. I think that's awesome! Everyone should feel like a million bucks when they walk out of shop! Glad you had such a great time! So WANT to go shoe shopping!

  2. I'm glad to read you had such a good time with the two R&R's

    Winter is almost over that you have been able to maintain your weight .... I'm proud of you for staying and attending the W.W. meetings Mom Q

  3. Leaving any dressing room/clothes experience feeling GOOD is so awesome. I am now in a 24 and CANNOT wait to be down to an 18. Good for you!!

  4. What an awesome experience! I should happen more often!!

  5. Awesome Joy!!! "Real Women Wear Orange" hahahah - that is hilarious and of course your phone died :p

    Your running has paid off and have shaped your legs - well done, not to mention the yoga and swimming you do!