Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thinking of the positives

Last week I increased my water intake with my new fancy water bottle and I also tracked everything I ate and drank.   I was in the negative with my points for the week and gained 3.9 pounds. (it was also that time of the month)   It truly sucks to gain weight but I am trying to get back in the swing of things.  I am proud for staying committed with the Weight Watchers Program there has been so many times I just want to quit but I am too stubborn for that!   I know I will get to my goal weight by taking small baby steps in the right direction.   

I'm not sure if I have told you this but I love taking pictures :)  I decided to start an Instagram account just for this blog.  I will take pictures of all things healthy and motivating.  Anything that will help me get to my goal of being the fittest and healthiest I can be.   On my blog page I added a link or you can follow me @ trainingmyfat.  

I found this idea on Pinterest, people on my Facebook seems to really like the idea.  

 Photo: I needed some extra motivation and a visual for my weight loss.  So I made these cute jars.   To show what I have done and where I am going. #weightloss #jars #motivation

What do You do to keep motivated in your weight loss journey??  


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  2. Ugh seeing #s go up is the opposite of fun. Good for you for blogging about it and trucking on. I do like the marble jar idea. I added a current weight loss ticker and I read website after website and blog after blog to keep me focused. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. You're such an inspiration Joy! Keep it up! You have come soooo far. It's a journey...

  4. I'm proud of you.....just a little bump in the road ......I know you will reach your goal. Mom Q.