Monday, May 19, 2014

What if every women loved their body?

It's been a super hard week at work and I feel like change is coming my way.  I believe I am coming to a crossroads with my job and I feel soon it will be time to move on.  Things are still in the works but I can no longer be stressed and unhappy at my job.   Live is too short to be miserable.  

I had a good week in weight loss I lost 5.3 pounds.  I am sure it is a lot of water weight but I am glad the four pound gain from last week is gone!  

I am trying to come to terms with my healthy lifestyle.  I want to get to a place where I am determined and discipline to be the best person I can be but at the same time not obsessed consistently about my weight and the way I look.  I am trying to find a balance, I know this will not happen over night but this is something I am going to strive for.   

I have a 10 km race coming up this Saturday. This past week I have slowly gotten back into running listening to my body due to my back issues.  I am running on a grass football field as the moment to ease the contact and I will see where it takes me.  As for the race I will be speed walking and I am okay with that.  I absolutely love this race!  There will be over 10000 people joining me ;)  

My friend post this on Facebook and I think it is absolutely beautiful and hope one day I can love my body too!  

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