Friday, August 22, 2014

Week two

Going into week two I have been more determined than ever.   I have stuck with my eating plan and done the workouts.   I did have a couple of days where my emotions have gotten the best of me but I think that is pretty normal since I am not dealing with my feelings through eating.  I have instead, talked it out, went for a run or distracted myself when all I wanted to do is eat.   I have been posting on Twitter or  Instragram as well, to show my progress and get my feelings out it has been a big help.    

Week Two Weigh in:  245.6 (-2.2) for a total of -10.4 loss

Weekly Workout 

Thursday- 30 mins Run (burned 449 calories)
Monday- 60 mins, Body Pump (burned 417 calories)
Tuesday- 40 mins, Run (burned 383 calories) 

How is your week going??  

I also wanted to Thank everyone who reads and comments on my blog.  It means so much to me.  I could not be on this journey without you guys.   


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  1. Great progress..... acknowledging that food is an attempt to tranquilize your (our) anxiety ....whatever the cause of anxiety , a food addict eats to mask it. So happy to read that you were able to find options, other than turning to food. MomQ.