Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heading in the right direction

Good News!!! I happen to be looking in the reflection in my window and I randomly flexed my arms.  I saw a definiton in my right arm.  I paused and thought this cant be? So I headed directly to the bathroom and flexed again and and it was there again ! You can definity see a line.  I am that much closer to completing my goal of having defined arms.  It is the little changes I have to focus on. 

  I had a great workout at the gym 20 minutes of weights and a 30 minute sweat session on a new machine.    It is always great to try new things.  

I  also have my eating back on track!!!  Like my best friend told me last week "one step back two steps forward"  
I also suppose to do a spin class tomorrow. I hope there is room for us !   I am a little nervous but I can do it!   I will get my bbf to take a picture and will post later to show I completed one of my goals!  

Should get to sleep busy day ahead of me! 

Do you notice any small weightloss changes?