Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is the little things

I have not posted in a while.  I have been feeling mad at   myself for not eating the way I KNOW I should.   I know this is always going to be a challenge for me but right now it feels so out of control! 

 I recently had a "AHA" moment.  I was watching The Biggest Loser and seeing the emotions and all the hard work the contestant do makes me have hope again.  

 I went to the gym three times this week and worked my butt off each time.   I have to be proud that. I try to push myself harder each time I go.  I am slowly focusing on the positive changes my body has made due to my workout sessions.   One being: I am seeing definition in my upper abs.  You can actually see a line in the middle of my abs and on the sides.  I really need to celebrate that it's a BIG DEAL.   (Baby steps I guess haha) My arms are also getting firmer and I able to do 3 set of 10 half push ups, 2 months ago  I had to do a modified half push up.  I am getting closer to my goal of 20 full ups!!!  

Although I have not lost any weight in the last month.  My friend lend me two dresses to try on and they both fit!  Size 14!!!!  Last year at this time I was in size 16.  Since dress sizes are little different then pant sizes I am on my way to fitting into a size 14 pant I cannot wait!   I may not be losing weight at the moment but I am losing inches.  In a couple weeks I will take my measurements  and let know you know exactly where I am at.  

One of the past contestant on The Biggest Loser asked What is your golden WHY to lose weight?  At first I couldn't answer but I know I want to feel Strong, Beautiful and Healthy. 

My sleep has been very frustrating lately!    I have gotten a full physical, blood work, been to sleep labs and  alternative medicine.  There is still no answer to why I am having such a hard time getting a restful sleep.  This has been going on for over 10 years but I am not going to give up trying to find the answer and I know in my heart this will help with my weight loss. 

Total Calories burned this week: 1084 

This week coming up I would like to burn 1200. 

How many calories do you want to burn this week?? 


What is your golden WHY for losing weight?


  1. Keep up the positive self-talk.

    Amazing! Size 14 dress and all those push ups, you are my inspiration!

  2. You are strong, beautiful and healthy! You motivate ME! Keep up with the push-up's! JP