Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pushing your limits

On Monday after a busy night at work.  I dragged my butt to the gym at 1:30am.  I  am glad I did in the end, but it was a struggle.    While I was doing my cardio workout my internal dialog  for most of the 30 minutes  was trying to talk me out of it. The whole time I tried to rationalize in my head  "You worked hard at the restaurant.  Serving customers and  running around  the whole time, just go home, you have no energy for this.  "   but in the end I pushed through it and did the 30 minutes.  I  just wish that it had been more relaxing.  It was pretty exhausting with all that talk in my head. I  much rather the workouts  when  I   am able to tune out! (I was able to burn 3oo calories and this would have not  happened if I didn't push my limits every so often.)

 After my cardio workout I was training towards my push ups goal and I am proud to say I was able to do 15 half push up in a row!  I am still pretty excited about it! I am getting that much closer to my goal!  I cannot wait to conquer it!

My sleep is still out of control but I finally made an appointment with the sleep doctor.  Hopefully there are some other tests that they can try.

On Sunday I  posted  on  Facebook that I was going to do a seven day yoga challenge.  Today is Tuesday and I still have not started.  Tomorrow I will start. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety these days and have been around a lot of negative people especially at work. Hopefully yoga will help with some of this anxiety.  

I feel you can only wallow in  self pity for so long it is more important to make improvements in yourself, instead of wasting energy on the negative.  It's the small changes that Will make you happy in the end!  

What ONE thing can you improve about YOURSELF? 

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