Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Down 3.5 pounds! Yipee!

I had a good week of eating and working out.  I am excited that I lost 3.5 pounds.  It feels very rewarding after all the hard work I put in.    I know some days are going to be  hard, eating wise but I just have to stay FOCUSED, when I am craving sweets.   I don't want to eat high calorie sweets anymore. 

 I have decided I am not going to have any carbs until Christmas.   18 days in total.  I am on day 7 now and I am feeling better about myself.  Yes sometimes when I am serving food at the restaurant or going through the grocery store it makes my mouth water to see that yummy food but I am able to resist it because for me, one bite will never be enough. 

I was reading this weight loss blog whoatemyblog.com and he wrote that it is, the hardest to resist the first bite but also can be the easiest because you know if you do have that first bite you just won't stop!   

Being Under 200 pounds is super important to me.  But if I do not try everything in my power, to lose this weight then I will not get the results I want.

What goals do you want to achieve??  What are you willing to give up to reach that goal?  Are you willing to put in that extra hard work to get there? 

That is what I am slowly starting to see.  Take for example my career goals.  For years I went from job to job.  School Programs to the next.   Finally stumbling upon Personal Support Worker.   Excelling in that program I realized I wanted more responsibility.   I really want to be a  nurse but to get there I have to take grade 12 math and grade 11 biology. As of tomorrow as hard, as it was, I will have completed my math class. (Not everyone would do this at the age of 31 and for that I am proud) Then finally I will have all the qualification to go into Nursing.  Two years of nursing plus an exam I will be done.   

 It is all about baby steps to reach your goals and being able to see the finish line. (Even if, it takes  a few years)  Keep your eyes on the prize.    This analogy is how I feel about my weight loss.   I will get there.  I will fall down sometimes but getting back up and pursuing my dreams is what it is all about! 

Have  good week!  I am looking forward to next weeks weight in. 


  1. I'm very proud of you for your weight loss this week but I'm prouder that you're able to spring back ,& be resilient! Being resilient is so very important in life as you've already learned young or old , we all have challenges in life so always remember , being resilient will get you through some very tough times in your life.

    It's taken my a very long time for me to learn that unhealthy carbs and sugar is like a poison for me .....it causes a lot of inflammation in my body and I'm convinced in your body too ...and like you when I limit my intake of carbs and sugar I feel so... much better ....but you're right small steps so for our Xmas supper , we will start a new tradition ..........low carb foods , sugar free meal & teaching Mom how to play poker........and together we will become a healthy & fun family. Yipee!!! Mom Q.

  2. Thanks Mom that means a lot. Sounds like a good idea about Christmas! :)