Monday, January 9, 2012

Weight in day

The exact same, the exact same!  I have to say it twice because I can't believe it!   I burned over 1900 calories and ate healthy.  I guess this happens sometimes but I felt I was on such a roll!   The only thing I can think of is to watch my sodium intake, drink more water and workout even harder this week!  

I am Not going to sabatage/binge it makes me that more determined!!

What obstacles do you have in your life that you can overcome?


  1. Joy, good decision about watching your salt intake , you're probably just retaining water . Sometimes stress and lack of restful sleep also has an impact on weight. Would you consider or do have time to do a yoga session ....on Thursday after you pick me up? If not this week maybe next week?

    Remember it's all about getting healthy and you're getting healthy . I'm proud of you for not letting the scale control you. Is your clothes feeling loose? Muscle weighs more than fat.......keep up the good're doing fantastic!! MQ

  2. Thanks Yoga next week for sure. Maybe a noon hour class? Thanks for the all the encouragement :)