Wednesday, February 15, 2012

0.5 pound loss!

It has been a busy a couple of weeks sorry for the late post!

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  1. Joy,it's really showing that your losing weight , especially in your beaufitul face no longer have the face of an overweight girl.Yipee!!! for you. You're losing from the top down and I lose from the botton down. LOL

    People really don't understand food addicts, take me with my diet pepsi , 15 days since my last diet's all or nothing for me . A year from now you'll be at the weight you want to's better to do it down and maintain than to wait until you're my age. You know your body .....and giving up sweets is a step in the right direction.....I'm proud of you day at time ...and remember be grateful for yesterday . I enjoyed spending time with you MQ