Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost 1.5 pounds this week

I am always happy to stand on my Wii and see a loss of 1.5 pounds.  (By the way the Wii fit board is the only scale I have in my home.   If you don't have one it is kinda of a big process to get weighted, First you have to step on the scale and it tells you its been so and so days since the last time you were here,  next it asks you a series of questions Do you want any fitness tips?  How much do your clothes weigh? ,  it then wants to check your posture while it weights you,  Finally it shows your lovely chubby avatar and your BMI.  And your Avatar grows or shrinks based on your weight.   I am still considered obese according  to my BMI, I cannot wait till the day it say I'm overweight lol)

Here is my Wii Avatar:

I had the stomach flu for three days so I was only able to workout once.  It made me frustrated not to, but I know my body needed to rest so I gave it what it wanted.   I am much better now and I am in workout mode again. 

I was at work today and one of my  supervisors is always buying sweets.  Today he bought a black forest cake, he knows I am eating healthy and that I don't eat any sweets but he still offered.  I said "no thank you".     Then my co worker says " one little piece is not going to hurt you"  my supervised piped in "once and a while it is okay"    I said "no" again and told them "you guys are like crack dealers!,  I can't have just one piece or I will want the whole cake"   They laughed.  Although I was trying to be funny it  bothers me that some people don't get food addictions.  It has been two months since I have any sweets (unless sugar free)   I am really proud of that but man there is a lot of people who LOVE to sabotage and try to test my dedication and will.

On a positive note I do have a lot of friends and family who do support me in my choices.  A couple of weeks ago I went to my friends house for dinner and she actually called to ask me what I can eat. I thought it was really sweet.  I never want to be a bother to people when I am at their home for dinner there is always something I can eat like protein, veggies and whole wheat carbs.   I just say no to sweets, fried foods and the white carbs.

Until next weigh in!

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