Friday, April 27, 2012

I got a cold

 I started to have a sore throat yesterday and today my nose won't stop running I think I have gone through half a  box of tissues in the last four hours.

Today  I had to bring my cat Abbey to the vet she has a bump on her tail.  They tested it and the cells look a little abnormal so they are sending it away to see exactly what it is.   I'm trying not to worry about my little Abbey :(  .
Rob and I went to do groceries today and when you are feeling sick you just want to have comfort food.  But I refrained from buying anything I could binge on.  So that it is a positive. 

I was planning on working out today but as the day progressed my cold got worse.  So I have been camped out on the couch.   I hope I am better tomorrow I really don't want to call in sick!  No paided sick days for me.  

Night everyone!

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