Thursday, June 7, 2012

Forgot I had the tools

My cousin had to cancel our gym date she wasn't feeling well which I will allow this time j/k.   So instead I was going to go for a long walk along the water that is near my apartment but of course I delayed that too long and it started to rain with lightning.   I started thinking about all the different exercise classes I have taken over the years: spin, yoga, boxing, tai chi, pilates, tae kwon do, circuit training etc.  From these classes I have learned to do exercises that don't require any equipment or weights.  All I need is me!  

My workout tonight consisted of

  • push ups
  • triceps push ups
  • sumo squats
  • squats
  • lunges
  • crunches

15 reps each exercise, and I rotated until the 25 minutes was up!  It was a quick workout that made me sweat and kept my heart rate up!

I now know when I don't have access to the car and it's crappy outside I can do this workout in my own living room! 

No Excuses!

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