Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weigh in: Stayed the same

I'm glad I didn't gain any weight this week and I am looking forward to see a loss next week.    

It has been a sizzling couple of  days in Ottawa!  30C feels like 40C with the humidex!!   I had to work outside in this heat, opening beer after beer!!    To top it all off I have bronchitis and that makes it ten times harder to breathe.  I did however venture over to the doctors and got me some antibiotics and two inhalers.  I can breathe again without that ugly pink elephant on my chest or that is how I pictured it.   Being sick is the worst especially when all I want to do workout and lose weight but I will rest tonight and all tomorrow and hopefully I can do a light workout on Thursday.

I have been reflecting on my binge eating:  My question to you is, how do you let go of hurt feeling from a friend?    I didn't realize how much it was bothering me but it does.  Any suggestions would help?  

I will be getting  a big order of groceries on Thursday, All South Beach friendly!  I can't wait :) 

How is your week going?

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