Monday, July 30, 2012

Food plans?????

Workouts for the past week

Monday- Cybex maching (30 mins)
                Stationary bike (17 mins)

Tuesday- Walking (25 mins)
                 Stationary Bike (13 mins)

Friday- Spin Class (50 mins)

Total Calories Burned: 1331

I gained two pound this week.  I am extremely embarrassed by this I almost didn't want to type it out but I know I need to be honest with my. For the month of July I am up 1.5 pounds I wish it was down.  I will try to increase the time I spend at the gym and add weight lifting.  As for my food intake something is not working, not for the lack of trying.  I will keep you updated on what my action plan will be. 

What type of diet/lifestyle eating plan are you on ?  (South Beach, Weight Watcher, Atkins, etc)  Do you count calories?  and Do you find writing down what you eat helpful? 


  1. I'm following weight watchers and love it!! And with all the working out you're doing, maybe you're actually losing fat but gaining muscle? Try taking your measurements! :)
    I find writing down what I eat to be a HUGE helping hand for me. It helps to keep me accountable for what I'm eating. I find those extra "tastes" can really stump my success (preparing the kids' foods and taste-testing but not writing it down!) all those little bites add up .. So by not writing them down, I could be cheating my diet and cheating myself.

  2. Thanks Laura for the tips... I have tried weight watchers in the past and it didn't work for me but that was over 7 years ago. I use to love the meeting but the weight wasn't coming off as fast. I know it has changed a lot since then. So I decided to join online for three months and see what happens. I need a change and maybe this is what I need! I will keep you posted :)

    1. That's awesome Joy! They say a healthy and maintinable weight loss will be around 2lbs a week ... You can do that, no problem!! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad week. I know you can turn it around!

    I do WW as well. Tracking my food made a huge difference for me. Hope you can find what works for you!