Monday, September 3, 2012

Tracking other things

This week was an interesting one.  I was feeling pretty down and I know part of the reason was my period was coming soon and the week before my period I am cranky (sorry Rob), impatient, tired and lose control over my food.   I have never been one to to keep track   of  "that time of the month" but in the last few months I decided to change that.   In the next few weeks I want to research how to control my craving in that week.   Does anyone have any suggestions with this problem?? 
This week my workouts have been fabulous and I am proud of that.  
Weekly Workout
Monday- Stationary Bike (54 mins)
Tuesday- Stationary Bike (43 mins)
Wednesday- Stationary Bike (50 mins)
Thursday- Stationary Bike (45mins)
Saturday- elliptical ( 20 mins)
                 Treadmill (15 mins)
Sunday- Bike ride (1 hour 45 mins)
Total Calories Burned- 2200 Calories
I am still pretty sore from yesterday's bike ride.  I have been trying to do a lot of stretching. 

Rob and I leave tomorrow for New York City!  I can't wait it's an 8 hour drive so I hope it flies by.   I just want to blink my eyes and be there already!
I hope everyone has a great week. 



  1. I also struggle with the same problem during "that" week. I'm trying to be sure that if I indulge it is somewhat healthy. For example, I keep vitamuffins double chocolate muffin tops on hand. I keep them in the freezer until I really need one. I don't feel too guilty about having something so sweet because they are also healthy. But other months I fail miserably at control my eating during TOM.

  2. It can be hard during that week! I try to have "healthier" indulgences like small bits of dark chocolate, some fat-free ice cream, or baked chips. The key for me is to control the portions because I could just eat them all up if I'm not careful!

  3. Joy!!! I'm so happy for you, can't wait to hear about NYC and remind me to give you some of those recipes. There is a great one that includes fibre one cereal, cocoa, sweetner and something else. Great to curb the craving!