Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekly Update

Weekly Workout
Monday- Walk/Jog (20 mins)
                  Dodgeball (60 mins)
Tuesday- Weight Circuit (20mins)
                  Walk/Jog (20 mins)
Friday- Elliptical (30 mins)
Total Calories- 1180
Monthly Weight In
+3 pounds  I am not happy about this but there is nothing I can do but move forward and try harder and learn where I went wrong.
Starting Weight on WW: 241
Current Weight: 239
Since starting WW two months ago here is how many cm's I have lost.
Waist: -2cm
Hips: -4cm
I am still feeling pretty down.  I basically slept all day until I had to go to work  but sometimes sleep is a good thing for me.   I worked from 4pm to 12:30am and I was busy the whole night n0 sitting down for this girl!  After work I was dead set on going to the gym but I thought since Rob doesn't have to work in the morning maybe we could do a 20 minute walk/jog outside.  I asked him and he said "maybe??  NCIS premiere is on tonight"  I told him I needed a commitment to jog  and it was only 20 minutes.   I  suggested forced us to  change out of our work clothes and quickly put on our work out clothes and go straight outside otherwise we would be in a vegatative state on the couch.   We alternated from two minutes of walking to two minutes of jogging.   It was hard for me but I was super happy we did it.  I needed to be outside in the fresh air and it really helped with my mood and to top it off I got to jog with the love of my life.  Even if  he was sulking at the beginning.  Thanks Robby for being such a wonderful and supportive boyfriend.


  1. October is a new month ........ and I'm proud of you for keeping your positive attitude. I'll be sending you a personal e-mail....but just wanted you to know I admire you and you're inspiring Richard & I . Richard has been going to the gym about 3 times a week since you coached him on the machines. You have the courage of Lion and a heart of gold Mom Q.

  2. Thanks Mom and I am lucky to have you as my mom you always know the right thing to say to cheer me up. I am so happy to hear Richard is working out. Go Richard!

  3. Sorry you had a struggle, but it sounds like you are still motivated and that's what is important. You can do this - every month will look different. Some will be great and some will be not so great. But over the course of time, your hard work will keep paying off!

    1. Thanks Diane that is really encouraging coming from you! I enjoy reading all of your blogs and you inspire me.

  4. I love that you coerced him into exercising...and over NCIS, dude, that would be a tough sell even for me. ;)

    You can do it!