Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Debbie downers

I had a great month in April and I am super proud of everything I accomplished but in the last couple of days I have been feeling annoyed with some people. Why is it so hard for people to be happy for one another. I was talking to a co-worker telling her about my running accomplishments. Instead of just listening or congratulating me on my success the comment that comes out of her mouth is "isn't it hard on your joints ?" This is the second time she has said this. I am assuming this is coming from a good place but really?? I told her it hasn't effect me at all.

Today I wrote on my Facebook that my challenge for the month is to run 50 km. I had a few likes and Positive comments saying they might join me with this challenge. That is the primary reason why
I post it on fb to see if anyone wants to join. But of course I get a comment that says, that is only 1.6 km a day. (Thanks for doing the math for me buddy!). He also wrote you should include weight training to your regime. It's very annoying when people assume things instead of asking ??! I do weights as well but he assumed I didn't. I realize I am not
150 pounds but that doesn't mean I haven't been working out since I was 16. I am not saying I am expert but I will say I have gained a lot of knowledge from all the sports and training classes i have taken over the years. From yoga, tae kwon do, volleyball, baseball, tennis, weight training, trying every aerobic class at my gym. This is not my first rodeo even if I am fat. Nutrition and emotional eating is my demon to face. I know these people are not trying to be hurtful and I know I am a sensitive person but it still bothers me lol

I have been having intense cravings for the last few days and I really don't want to undo all my success. Hence the reason I
Am Writing on my blog.

One day I will stop caring about what the Debbie downers say but I am not quite their yet.

How you ever expected this? And how did you deal with it in a healthy manner?


  1. Sadly, I get it much more often than I'd like. It has taken me a long time, but for the most part, I have finally learned to ignore it and move on. If people can't be happy for you, screw 'em! ;)

    Hope you have a GREAT May!!! Good luck on 50 km--I KNOW you can do it!!

    1. Thanks you are totally right :) It will just take sometime to get there! Thanks for the encouragement slow and steady wins the race.

  2. I agree with the previous followers comments......I stopped having craving when I balance my protein and carbs at each meal , do you think this might be worth a try for a few days? I'm very proud of you. I remember going from about 190lbs to 130lbs .......and the hurtful comments , when I was 190lbs I was too fat when I was 130lbs I looked sick and too skinning.... I remember thinking with some people you just can't win or please them. So it's about pleasing yourself ......and working on your self-talk when people make hurtful comments .....Your running is helping you keep a calm mind.......and your yearly races are very important to you. Looking forward to seeing you race at the end of May Love Mom Q.

    1. I am so happy you are going to cheer me on!! And you are right you can't please everyone and have to ignore the negative people!! This is about my journey.