Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Off routine but no more excuses!

Gained half a pound this week :(.  This past month has been so off kilter.  With trips, work getting busy and going back to school I am still trying to find my groove.   I'm getting there slowly, the first 25 pounds seemed easy compared to this 5 pounds I am trying to lose.  It seems like it is taking forever to lose a total of 30 pounds!  Where did my mojo go?    I have currently lose 28 pounds but these last 2 pounds are like Mount Everest :(.   I talked to my peeps at WW for help,  some said to eat more protein,  others said to try not to eat all my weekly points lol. So I announced to the class to have 20  points left over by the end of the week.   

Sadly as of today I have 20 points left and my new week started yesterday.   It's still doable I just have to stay within my allot daily points.  If I want to eat more then I am going to have to earn them by working out.  I have been so frustrated with work lately it's like the blind leading the blind!  And because I do care about the customers and my co workers.  It bothers me how unorganized our restaurant is.    They keep saying there will be positive changes but there has been so many broken promises it is hard to stay optimistic.  I am trying not to put my heart and soul into this place but it is hard to stop caring :(.    If I don't get into school full time in January I am going to have to make some decision because the stress is not worth it.   

I have tomorrow off and I think I am going to go to a yoga class outdoors.  It's the final one of the season maybe it will help centre me.  

On a positive note I had an old high school friend who I haven't seen or talked to in over 13 years, private message me this. I was touched that she took the time to write me it was so unexpected.  

  I am in still in the closet about my blog on FB minus close friends and family.  But I do post before and after pictures and write about my running and exercise.  

I have a 5 km race on Sunday.  It's named the Army Race and people in the military run in it and also the public.  You receive dog tags as a metal which I am excited about :). I am also running this race in  memory of my Pepere (grandfather). He fought in WWII in the Navy and fought his own addictions and was sober for 30 years :). It should be a good run and I will keep you posted :). 


  1. Such a nice comment from your friend! I was in the closet for almost 3 years with my blog. Now everyone knows about it and it was a freeing feeling to put it all out there :) Best of luck at the race!!!!

  2. This is a little bumps in the journey towards your new lifestyle. Changes causes set backs for a lot of us , I feel being aware is an another step in your recovery from food addiction. Find things to keep you calm . I find when I'm calm it's much easier to keep to my food plan for the day. Re-read the wonderful comments from your old school friends.

    Mom Q.

  3. Love such friends, right?
    You look incredibly slimmer in the after picture. Keep it up.