Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have a WW buddy again.   Well only for about 5 weeks because she is moving 30 minutes out of town.  What is with my friends moving away these days! But I will take the support as long as I can get  it.   She is an awesome girl and I have known her since I was a little girl.  She suggested we set a goal for ourselves.   I thought 10 pounds would be a realistic goal.  Once we both reach the goal we will go shopping or  do something else, to suit our fancy.   I am feeling motivated again.    

I weighed myself on Monday to see where I was at and I was up 4 pounds!!   My mom came over today to help with housework and to catch up.   I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately and it takes everything for me to get out of bed.   Just having my mom over helped with making the tasks feel less taxing  it also helps to have company when you are doing housework.  

Since I have been so miserable with my sleeping due to my unresolved back pain.  I asked Rob if we could purchase a new bed.  (crossing fingers it helps with my back)   We went on Sunday and got a really good deal it cost us 1000 for the mattress/boxspring/mattress cover/metal frame and delivery.  You cannot go wrong with 50 percent off.   It arrived today and my mom helped me put into together.  I must say we make a good team!   I told her we should  be on "Amazing Race"  Sometimes I forget she is 65  because she is one tough cookie and pretty handy too!  (don't worry Mom I won't tell Richard)   Putting a bed together is a lot of work especially when you have to take apart the old one, bring everything down to the garbage room, put the metal frame together, put the mattress on, go back down to the garbage room to recycle all the plastic cover from the new mattress and make the bed.  Plus sweep and vacuum underneath the bed.  I found another cat with all that cat hair I collected lol !!  It would have been a lot harder if I had to do by myself!   Rob worked today and he wasn't surprised at all that everything was put together and thrown out because that is how I roll!    

Drinking more water is so easy but I often forget to consume the recommend amount.  I heard about a water bottle infuser and figured I would give it a shot!  

I bought it Walmart for 8 bucks!  

I tried lemon/lime/cucumber

It was pretty yummy and way better than plain old water.  I highly recommend it.  I heard strawberry and kiwi is pretty good too.    Once I figure out my favorite combinations I will post them.

Now to weigh in.  I ended  up gaining 0.5 pounds that is way better than 4 pounds but still striving to lose at least a pound a week.   February is a new month to lose weight.  

Have you guys ever tried a water bottle infuser?  



  1. I just can't do it--sounds really great, though! I hate water. I drink flavored water all day--I'm the Crystal Light/Mio queen. I live on this Kroger grape powdered stuff that I put in filtered water. I was feeling bad about the artificial sweeteners, but I think it's better than soda...

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Stephanie! Yes I am sure it's not for everyone. Trust me I still love my Diet Coke. I think if you are still drinking water in any form sounds good to me.

  2. Glad to hear you have W.W. buddy for 5 weeks..... and you feel motivated again. I enjoyed my afternoon & glad I 'm still able to help ..... as my little employer tells me I help them stay sane... Helping keeps me busy & it gives me a lot of personal gratification. Maintaining your weight during the winter months is a great accomplishment .... MomQ.

    1. Thanks Mom! I enjoyed our time together as well!

  3. I never ever had a weight loss friend. I know its not great that she is moving, but you can text call :)

    I cannot see the pics for some reason:(