Friday, August 15, 2014

Week one

As I have said in my last posted "I WILL"   So here are the stats for the week.

Week One- 247.8 (-8.2) I am super happy with the results.  I know when we start over and are fully committed the first week is usually pretty impressive.  I know some of this weight is water weight but you know what? It got me out of the 250's and I NEVER want to go back there again!  

I wish I could bottle the motivation and determination I have right now.  I know I will need it  in the weeks to come.  I haven't had too many craving  I have been trying to keep myself busy with housecleaning, organizing, anything that keeps my hands out of the cookie jar!  lol

I recently switched gyms.  I was not happy with the hours or the classes .  Thanks to Kijiji I was able to switch my contract :)  I couldn't wait another two months.   I did this last Wednesday and I have gone three times already.    Needless to say,  it was the right decision.

Weekly Workouts
Wednesday- 28 mins, Run
Sunday- 27 mins, Walk
Monday- 50 mins, Arc Trainer
Tuesday- 60 mins., Body Vibe Class + 10 mins, Elliptical

I opened a Twitter account for my blog as well.  Look me up " trainingmyfat" I am much better at updating about my daily life.    

Anyone on MyFitnessPal?   You have to love Social Media!  I know their can be a lot of negative but if you approach it the right way it can be pretty great.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Yahoo! Off to a good start ........ MOMQ

  2. What a great way to kick off your new journey!! Awesome! :)