Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Here we go! Week 4

Last Thursday I was stressing out about the humidity forecasted on Friday. (It was 40 C and to my American friends that equals 104 F)   Why does that matter ?  because I had to work as a waitress and serve food and drinks and every time it is super humid I am a sweaty mess especially on my face.   It's embarrassing and really besides medication there is not much I can do.   My coworkers are always commenting on it which causes more stress and more sweating!   I decided instead of worrying about it I would go to the pharmacy to see if they have anything helpful.  I did this at  two am but sadly the only  products I found where  for underarm, the palm of you hands or the sole of your feet.   I did not want to risk putting it on my face and  breaking out on top of it!   At this point I am feeling miserable and wanting my anxiety to go away!   I wandered the store to find my drug of choice which meant anything with sugar.  I ended up buying a bag of 20 mini chocolate bars knowing full well it was a bad I idea!  I had about 15 bars before I came to my senses and realized I wasn't even tasting what I was consuming.   And it wasn't making me feeling any better.  I grabbed all the empty wrappers and  had enough  strength to throw the rest out.  I logged all the chocolate bars in my fitness pal.  On top of that I had purchased a big bag of Pop Chips.  As soon as I logged my calories I opened the bag and dumped the contents in the garbage.  Overall I am proud of myself for the end result.  And I hope this is another step to conquering my binge disorder.  It is not easy to write this,  I feel ashamed of my behavior but my hope is for someone to read this and realize they are not alone in this battle.  

In other news I gained 0.6 pounds last week. (Total loss 12 to date)  Beside the binge I had on Thursday I have been good with my workouts and eating.   Tomorrow is weigh in day and I  am hoping to see a loss!  

Thanks for reading :)  


  1. Progress not perfection!! Focus on the positive! When I lost my weight , I didn't sweat the way I do when I'm caring the extra weight , so another reason to lose weight. Or you could be living in Calgary and getting snow on September 9..... than you would be nice and cool. Pat yourself on the back that you are back on track. MOM Q.