Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 5

I was hoping to lose a pound but I lost .6 (total of 12.6) I have been on this healthy lifestyle for a long time and I just want to be a healthy weight already!  I would like to think I am a patience person but come already!  Sometimes I just want snap my fingers and be magically thin! A girl can dream right?    I find I have been weighing myself daily sometimes twice a day and seeing my weight fluctuate is also not good for the mind! As silly as it may sound I decided to put my scale in the trunk of my car and only bring it out for weigh in.    Hopefully this will help with my sanity.   

Weekly Workouts

Wednesday- Running ( 37 mins)
Sunday- Hiking  (1 hour 20 mins)
Monday- Running (43 mins)

I have been working a lot more hours lately and I walk well over 10000 steps a day.   Hopefully this will help with my weight loss.  I know I just have to keep eating healthy, working out and drinking my water and eventually the weight will come off.   

I can do this,  I know I can!   One foot in front of the other :)  

How do you stay motivated? 

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  1. Focus on the 2.4 lbs per week you've lost so far. W.Watchers advises that's what you should lose 2lb a week. Have you done any Yoga exercises lately? Maybe, just a few poses a night to help you sleep and keep you calm. I feel that's what missing . Doing Yoga at home is free and you're familiar with all the right poses to do . I've been increasing my Vitamin D and my water intake and that's seem to be helping me. As you indicated early in your journal aware of your PMS week & prepare a lot of healthy snacks. You'll do it this time , it just might take more time that you anticipated, please be patient with yourself . Hugs Mom Q.