Thursday, October 27, 2011

A good day!

Today I feel really good!!  I have been feeling anxious for the the last week and today I had no anxiety! 

 I had a great workout with Jen !!   I have been keeping track of my calories/miles since August  and I have noticed I burn the most when I work out with her!!  She motivates me and pushs me to try harder.  She is super supportive.   I'm lucky to have a best friend like that :)

   Rob ( my boyfrind ) even came to the gym with us.  He did a different machine than Jen and I but I am so proud with his weightloss and getting back into a workout routine.  I have to laugh, After our workout Rob and I  actually high fived each other and said yeah team!!!!   lol  Go Quinn and Soublier Team!!!  Nothings going to stop us now. 

1 comment:

  1. Yipee! for good , sunny days!

    I walk 45 minutes today in the beautiful sunshine and did an hour of aqua yoga. On Thursday I got to spent some time with my beautiful daughter.