Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remebering something Oprah once said.....

Today I went over to my girlfriend's house to see her new townhouse.  While I was getting ready to go,  I was feeling a little bloated and blah.  I wanted to fell comfortable so I decided to wear my "fat jeans"  I slipped them on and realized there weren't as loose as they were in the past.  My first thought was "Rob must of just washed them??"  but  deep down  I knew that wasn't the issue.   Although they are not the jeans I wore when I first started my weight loss journey they are still the jeans that were too big a couple of months ago.   

Like Oprah once said "its the 5 or 10 pound weight gain you should really notice and not ignore, because pretty soon it will add up to 20 or 30 pounds"   Of course this not verbatim but you get the drift.  Although I am disappointed about my jeans it was also a wake up call or a warning sign to do something about it.  

 I want to be at the finish line with my weight loss goals and to always challenge myself with new fitness goals.  But I have to put in the work.   I have to be accountable for what I eat everyday and how much exercise I do or else I will be that fat chick sitting on the couch going no where in life.  I just have to figure out how to continue and what will work from this point on.   I know I am an average person but I want this one thing in my life to be above average and for people to admire and be impressed with...  and hopefully one day soon.   I can help other people in the future!

What has worked for you to keep the weight off or to continue to lose weight??


  1. You were blessed with a pretty face, a great personality and wonderful sense of humour that truly make people laugh. You have a supportive a very honest(LOL) boyfriend that loves you. You have a good social life with good friends and a family that loves you.
    But the universe has given you have this one challenge to lose weight and once you lose it to keep it off.

    We both have the body type that needs lots of veggies & protein, a sensible amount of carbs ...and sugar & sugar twin while is like booze to an alcoholic ..... so while you are in your thirties this is the time to do it....and I believe you can do it.....just do it ......... and when you get stress turn to guides , go to take a long bath , call a friend , you can beat this disease!!! This is our year lose it and to learn to keep it off!!!

  2. Thanks Mom for the compliments :) Yes we can totally beat this! Strengh training starts this week! Chat on Tuesday to figure out a day!