Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bike Ride Along the Canal

Rob and I conquered another activity on our summer bucket list.   For those who are familiar with Ottawa.  We biked from Mooney's Bay to the walking bridge downtown.  It took us 45 minutes and was about 6.5 miles.  The whole trip was 13 miles or just over 20km.  Some of the hills were challenging for me but the view was breathtaking and made me appreciate the city that much more.   There were people of all ages out biking, roller blading, running and walking.  I saw a couple holding hands while rollerblading, a women who had a unique bike who used her hands to move her bike instead of her legs and a man who was paraplegic going down the road on his wheelchair with fire speed.  You can tell he was extremely fit!   The weather was perfect and we treated ourselves to a yummy breakfast!  I didn't feel an ounce of guilt because I knew I would burn it off on the ride home.    
I have such a loving boyfriend, I told him if I was biking to slow for him that he could go ahead of me but he said it was fine and  he was happy biking along side me and if I did get far behind he would always wait for me.
What activities do you enjoy doing with your significant other?
Here are some pictures of our bike ride today
Just after we arrived downtown

I just adore this bridge it's so pretty!

Rob locking up our bikes so we can have some breakfast!
Relaxing in the grass after a great afternoon!
For my friends who do not  live in Canada here is a link to the Rideau Canal


  1. Wow, those pictures are stunning!! I love both bridge shots! Thanks for "sharing" your ride with us!

  2. What beautiful scenery for a bike ride! I too struggle with the hills when bike riding. It is a tough workout. You burned mega calories on that ride :)

    1. Yes it was! I'm really hurting today and of course my boyfriend said he feels fine. go figure!