Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am in shock!

Today was the day when tracking all my food and running over 120 km for the past sixteen weeks have paid off!!!   I received my key chain from weight watchers for losing 10 percent of my body weight.  As an added bonus I also received my sixteen week charm and a 25 pound silver medallion.   Finally all the hard work is paying off.   I ended up losing four pounds this week!  Just nuts but I am trying to savour the moment :)
 I still can't believe it!  I have to say a special thank you to my wonderful, supportive friend Cassandra for suggesting this weight loss adventure!  I am also thankful for my friend Amanda who also decided to join having their support has helped me so much throughout this process.  All three of us text throughout the week whether it's about food, new recipes or we need a kick in the butt to stay on track!   I just adore these girls :)  
I am also very thankful to have Rob (even if he is the doghouse right now but that's a whole other story lol)   He has loved me at any size and when I am feeling fat he tells me  I am beautiful.  He is the sweetest guy I know and is always interested in my meetings at WW and every time I go for a run he asked me how it was??  It's the little things that count. 
I can't forget my biggest cheerleader.  My Mom!   Every Monday after my weigh in I call her to tell her how I did.  She is so genuinely happy for me.  I could not ask for a better mother.  I have over 140 posts on my blog and she has commented  on all of them and it means the world to me!  Love you Mom :)      I am truly lucky to have such a great support system.  
Haha It's like I won an Oscar or something???  Thanking all my friends and family lol. 
Thanks to all the people who read my blog and comment!!  The Blogging World is an added bonus and helps me stay on track!  


  1. Way to go! What an awesome accomplishment :)

  2. It's me Mom , I had trouble getting into your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing your key chain and 25lbs medal on Thursday. Your journey has been inspiring and I'm sure you've inspired many members of W.W. I'm very proud of you. MomQ.