Monday, October 21, 2013

A Few Changes

Starting this week my weight loss buddy and I decided to change are weigh in day from Monday to Wednesday.  To give us a bit more wiggle room if we overindulge over the weekend.  Plus I need a bit of a change.   I really do hope that our new leader is motivating :)    We are also were getting annoyed with this women who would talk the whole meeting how great she is, so annoying!  Crossing fingers there is not another women like that, I will keep you posted :) 
Eating still isn't fabulous but in the past a couple of days I have a bit more of handle on things.  One day at a time right?   I am going to take your suggestions and try some crock pot recipes.  Lets hope I can cook something points friendly and yummy. 
I weighed in this week and I am up 1.8 pounds :(   This journey is going to have ups and downs.  I have been on this journey consistently since 2009.  Do I wish I lost all the weight in a year?  Absolutely.  But life isn't perfect and there are struggles I have lost 50 pounds to date and have another 50 pounds to go.  I am half way there.  I have learned so much about myself and will continue to.  This is going to be something I will have to fight for till the day I die.  I may not have to fight as hard everyday but I still will have to  be mindful of everything I put in my mouth.  
Can you believe I have been running for over seven months???   And ran over 200 km!   I have been focusing on running only 5km but I am thinking about stepping it up to 10km it's double the distance but I can do it!  

I found this picture the other day.  I am 29 in the picture at my mother's retirement party.  I forgot how much I have changed in the past few year! 

  Recent picture of me trying on Halloween Costumes :) 

I'm not expecting much of a loss this week but I am going to try to flush out my system with lots and lots of water :) 

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