Saturday, July 7, 2012

Writing it out

First of all, I will like to say that I am participating in a month challenge too!  It is to complete 100 miles in the month of July.  It could  be running, biking, walking or even the elliptical.  I have done 8.5 miles so far and I look forward to completing this goal. 

In other news my eating has been horrible and I need to change and fix that!  Food is such an awful  addiction!  I had willpower for so long and I feel like I have given up.   I think I just got sick of saying  "no" to foods all the time.  I must have said "no" hundreds of time, whether at work, home or with friends and family.   I feel like a little kid stomping my feet saying "why me!!??  IT'S NOT FAIR!"      

But I am not a five year  I am 32 and I need to accept that I do have a problem with food and  I always will!  I know there are tools out there to help me such as: OA, keeping a journal, counselling etc.  This time  I know why I am over eating\binging  I feel out of control in a certain part of my life and food is something I can control.  It's my best friend, it's reliable, comforting and enjoyable and it is always there when I need it.   Well at least for that 5 to 10 minutes I'm gorging myself.  Then I feel out of control, disgusted and disappointment.   And the cycle continues.  

 I will conquer this food addiction it will not get the best of me.   This is not going to happen right away but I am going to take the steps to get there and keep you posted.

Thanks for reading my rant. 

Enjoy you weekend :)


  1. You can do it , one day at a time. At night before you go to bed maybe plan your next day's meals & snacks ....that seems to work for me but of course it's to get into the habit of doing it every day. Carbs are everywhere ....and were sensitive to them... You're experiencing a lot of changes in your career and you've been very busy socially , so be kind to yourself. When is the last time you went for a walk by the river ...sometime time just sitting on bench by the river, barefoot feeling the sand between your toes helps me. it's only a 10 minute walk from your apartment . Maybe we can make a date to get together ..... I can drive over and go for a walk & visit with you . MQ

  2. You really can do this. My thoughts as I was reading this was instead of focusing on all the things you are saying "no" to why not turn it around and think about all the things you are saying "yes" to. A lot of those yeses are those things that will move you forward in your health goals. Good food, great exercise plans, and healthy living!

    Stay strong.

  3. You are right Diane. I have been in a bit of rut with my eating but as you can see my exercise has been a lot of yeses! I am going to say yes to healthy food and I am going to prepare some meals in advance so I have things to grab. Thanks for the Advice.

    @ M.Q. sounds like a great idea we will make a plan to go for a walk!