Thursday, November 15, 2012

How do you???

When you are feeling angry, hurt and left out how do you release the feelings?   Being an overweight person, food would be my number one choice but that only makes me feel better for five minutes then the guilt sets in.  Turning to food is not an option for me anymore that is why I am writing a post here today. I want to find positive outlets to release these feeling and let things go.  I tend to hold on to these types of feelings for far too long instead I want to learn how to deal with them head on.   I am going to for a brisk walk to blow of some steam.
I would love to hear some suggestions on healthy ways to let go of unwanted feelings.  
Thanks for Reading.   


  1. I find that the first step for me is to give myself permission to actually feel those emotions and "take them out of the box" to examine them. Stuffing them inside often led me to stuffing my face with food.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Diane :)

  3. Joy, I like what your friend Diane wrote.......very insightful.