Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WI Results

I am down 1.6 pounds this week.  It was a hard week I had so many cravings.  I tried to deal with them in a positive manner either by going to sleep, distracting myself by reading or having one sweet treat instead of 6!   It worked for the most part.   
Weekly Workouts
Tuesday- Jogging (31mins)
Thursday- Jogging (32mins) 
Sunday- Driving range (35mins)  
On Thursday I had a bad run.  I was suppose to warm-up for 5 minutes then run for 20 minutes straight!!  I knew I would feel great once  I finished but it just started off bad.  My music wasn't working properly which was very annoying then after 15 minutes of running I realized my Nike app was on pause so it didn't track the last twenty minutes.  I wanted to cry!!  I know it's not earth shattering but I really wanted to know my distance and pace so I stopped running and just walked home.  I know I should have kept on running but my heart wasn't in it :(   I am back on track today and went for a great run ! Next time if that happens again I have to push through and deal with it.  
Now that I am under 240 I can treat myself to a pedicure!!  I am going Wednesday.  I can't wait!!  
Have a great week everyone!! 
Is anyone on Weight Watchers?? If so,  do you eat your weekly points ? 


  1. Enjoy your pedicure! You deserve it. Are you going to the one at the Train Yards?Mom Q.

  2. Yay for the pedicure.
    I was doing ww on my own, but now working with a dietician
    I lost 5 lbs eating what she told me to eat.

  3. That is awesome Joy, so proud of you!!! Rob

  4. Great job, Joy!!!

    I do Weight Watchers, and Although I say I don't use my weekly points, I also don't track every itty bitty little thing, if I feel like having a Hershey's kiss or something. So I guess I could say I use them in a way. I do use all my activity points most of the time though!