Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last week I was in a dark place.  Being too hard on myself and believing my life had no direction. This is something I struggle with daily.  In the past I am sure I have written that I was going to change my self talk and be more positive but it's not something I can shut off just like that.   I have been treating myself badly with self talk for years.  It is now something I truly want to change.   I believe this is why I put the weight on in the first place.    I want to silence all the worrying,  be kind to myself if I make a mistake,  love myself no matter where I am in my life.  This will be a challenge in it's self but I hope this will move me forward into the women I want to become.  

I came across a 21 day mediation on Oprah's website.   Looking forward to calming and clearing the mind. 

Thanks for reading

ps lost 2.5 pounds last week 


  1. Joy, you're very wise to discover and acknowledge that your self-talk is not a healthy habit and one that you wish to change. You are heading in the right path . People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. I'm looking forward to doing the meditation course with you . Remember to be kind to your inner child . MomQ.

  2. How was your self talk today? MomQ