Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I run because......

Following my last post I have decided to say good bye to sugar but not like I usually do.  Like smoking I am being gentle with myself and slowly saying good bye to all my "close friends "foods that I binge on.  Ice cream, chips, donuts, pies, pizza, cookies, chocolate bars, bagels and cakes.   I have set a quit date March 21st first day of spring.  Just like smoking I no longer want these foods in my diet and healthy life style.   I know this will be harder than quitting smoking but I know I can do this.

I just finished my first week of weight training , I found a nine week program in "The Oxygen Magazine" and I am liking it so far and I am definitely feeling it the next day.   I haven't been very consistent with weight training in the last few years and I wanted to see if you could get actual results if you followed a program all the way through.  I will keep you posted how everything goes.  I worked out four times last week and I am feeling much better.  

I also started running as well and bought this sweatshirt lol

have a good week everyone!  


  1. I love your new sweatshirt ....you can do it .... Spring is a good time to set new goals .... we'll all feel better giving up sugar .... we'll be known as the sugar free family ...Any suggestions for birthdays??? .....Mom Q

  2. Ha ha ha, that sweatshirt is awesome!!

    Hope you're doing great iny our new goal!!